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Eligibility for the TTS Training Program

Education and Experience Prerequisites

Consistent with requirements for National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice (NCTTP). Please go to www.naadac.org/NCTTP for additional information.
  • BA or BS degree
  • AA degree plus 2000 hours (1 year) in a human services position
  • HS degree plus 4000 hours (2 years) in a human services position

* If you wish to attend but do not meet requirements and / or will not be delivering tobacco dependence treatment services, please contact Kelli Olive (601.815.1180; kolive2@umc.edu) for further information.

Additional Supportive Documents and Criteria

  • 2 letters of recommendation from supervisors / colleagues
  • Credentials documenting education background, as stated above (photocopy acceptable)
  • Tobacco-free for at least 6 months, with a signed commitment to remain so and agreement to stop delivering treatment if using tobacco

You may be contacted if further information is required. If you meet minimum enrollment criteria, you will be provided with location, travel, hotel, and other necessary information.

The ACT Center at tThe University of Mississippi Medical Center
The University of Mississippi Medical Center