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Mississippi's Premier Tobacco Treatment Center

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The ACT Center's goal is to help people quit using tobacco and stay quit.

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Patient Resources

FREE care to all Mississippians interested in quitting tobacco.

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We are excited to participate in health fairs, walks, and other events.

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Lung Cancer Screening consultation

Lung Cancer Screening

Designed to detect lung cancer at an early stage, often before symptoms manifest.

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Our Research

The ACT Center participates in research of all kinds. Resources available through the ACT Center’s data repository and University of Mississippi Medical Center provides abundant opportunities for research.

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More About ACT Center

The ACT Center opened its doors in 1999. Our primary support is provided by funding from the Mississippi State Legislature, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and Mississippi State Department of Health.

The ACT Center is now closely affiliated with the UMMC Cancer Institute, which strongly supports Tobacco Cessation efforts.


ACT Center activities emphasize three core components:

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ACT Center Difference

Quitting tobacco is a multifaceted process that involves addressing both the physical addiction and the psychological aspects of smoking.

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Health Improvement

Significantly reduce health risks.

Financial Savings

Redirect savings to meaningful uses.

Enhanced Emotion Well-being

Increase mental and emotional well-being.

Improved Quality of Life

Improve overall quality of life.

Support from Counseling and Medication

Make quitting more manageable.

Meet Our Team

Our goal is to arm clients with the tools needed to quit using tobacco for good. Our program offers free counseling through licensed professional counselors, free nicotine replacement therapy, and prescription medication. From the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave tobacco free we will give you the experience you deserve.

Quitters win. ACT now.

Success Stories

The goal of the ACT Center Tobacco Treatment Program is to help people quit using tobacco and stay quit using a proven, evidence-based approach.

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